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My name is Yuliya Oleynykova. I am a London-based fashion stylist and image consultant, luxury blogger in fashion, beauty and lifestyle since 2014, and I absolutely love what I do!

Fashion and beauty are my two big passions. I feel very lucky to be able to share my knowledge, tips and experience in these industries to help my clients establish their personal style and image.


2002, Certified Professional Makeup Artist by Makeup Atelier Paris.

2008, Certified Personal Fashion Stylist, Kiev.

2009, Certified Stylist & Tailor by Andre Tan, Kiev.

2010, Master's Degree in Marketing, Kiev.

2012, Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design, Cambridge.

2018, Certified NLP-practitioner.

2019, Certified ICF Life-coach.

2019, Certified NLP-master [in progress].


I absolutely love, respect and care about my clients. Therefore, I don't disclose the information and/or images of my clients and the work we do together. My work with every client is 100% confidential.

Please read the testimonials my clients kindly allowed me to share for the reference below.


"Yuliya is a highly skilled and professional fashion stylist that has helped me on numerous occasions. She works based on the clients life style, goals and body shape, bringing interesting accents to your style. Yuliya is also a wonderful every day makeup teacher (and artist) that gives very clear and useful information that is easily applied. I would highly recommend her services to anyone" - Genia Silva.

"I highly recommend Yuliya to those who would like to declutter the wardrobe and establish their personal style and image; a basic wardrobe or just get ready for an occasion or an event. I really enjoyed working with Yuliya - she knows what she does and uses the time very effectively, so you get a lot of value for the money you pay. I personally think it's definitely worth paying a professional stylist in order to save your money in future on buying clothes that you never wear.
Yuliya is flexible with doing sessions online and offline to meet your needs" - Anna Morgunova.

"Thank you so much, Yuliya, for this interesting makeup lesson. I have learnt a lot of new things that are useful and I haven't heard about them before"- Iulija Schroeder.

"Absolutely amazing service. For a busy mum of 3, running a few projects I am very grateful to have Yuliya as a stylist. We got rid of a quite a few outfits which I would never wear, minimised wardrobe to a prefect size. We discussed the necessities I need to buy and all her suggestions were spot on. Would definitely recommend to others!" - Darya Simanovich.

"One of my old wishes - take a makeup class with my friend - has finally come true. I found Yuliya through Facebook recommendations, and never regretted it. It was the perfect format for a makeup workshop.

During the lesson, we dismantled the technique of applying makeup from the beginning to the end, and a transformation from day to evening makeup. We applied makeup by ourselves and practiced every step. Yulia explained everything in detail, answered questions, shared experiences and information on trends in fashion and makeup.

I really liked the fact that Yuliya disassembled the contents of my cosmetic bag in detail, and fortunately, most of them were correctly selected. It was a wonderful "girl" day with lots of amenities and goodies!"- Ekaterina Krivolap.

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